Privacy Policy

We strongly advise you to read our 'Privacy Policy', 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Refund Policy' whenever visit our site to get our services. The terms we use “We”, “Our”, and “Us” refer to “Unicodel” (

We always value the 'Trust' and therefore, we designed the privacy guidelines with high standards for the purpose of protecting your information that you have shared with us.

The terms of “Privacy Policy” governs the use of your confidential information (“Personal Information”) shared with us or gathered by NGFO Technologies Private Limited from email subscribers of our cloud based service. There is no direct notice to you in case of changes in our Privacy Policies. Please review our 'Privacy Policies' to know about our recent modifications and changes because we timely update the information on our site.

Once you are subscribing to the cloud services means that you agree to be accepted our “Privacy Policy” terms. Our Privacy Policy has to be read in connection with “Terms and Conditions” available on

1. Personal Data Collection and Use

We follow the “Information Technology Act - 2000” so your personal information is under the Data Security practices and procedures.

1.1 Generic / Financial Data

Once you register or subscribe for “Unicodel” cloud service, you need to submit essential details. For individuals, we collect your Name, Address, Email ID, Skype ID etc. We collect your debit/credit card or other bank account details as per your Subscription Plan. We use “Encryption Method” to secure your generic and financial data. We ensure that you get smooth, safe and efficient customised services that allow us to provide all those services and features to satisfy your needs. We provide you a dashboard along with your Brand name and Logo through our cloud services.

We don't solicit any of your “Personal Information” about you unless or until we are signed between the parties. We won't be liable for those actions like costs, claims and expenses if you have voluntarily shared information. It leads to some consequences.

2. Disclosure of Personal Data with Third Parties

We strictly follow all the confidential terms when we may disclose your Personal Data to third parties. Disclosure of personal data is mainly for providing you access to our cloud services that complies with all legal obligations for the purpose of mitigate the fraudulent activities. We retain our rights to share your personal data for the purpose of promoting other NGFOT products.

3. Promotional Activities

We will use your contact data like phone number and email ID for the purpose of communication on promotional activities. We often promote our schemes and market our products offered by us.

4. Law of Security Compliance

We strive to control the consequences against data misuse, unauthorized access, third party disclosure, data modification and data loss for data protection. We take proper security measurements and precautionary acts as per IT Act - 2000 to keep maintain your confidential data. Moreover, we ensure the law of compliance and it is not limited to information technology.

5. Contact Us

You can contact us at, if you require any clarification or data regarding the use of Privacy Policy or Personal Information. If you have any doubts with respect to the Privacy Policies, please contact the Unicodel team.

NGFO Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Mobile App Development Company in India. By subscribing to Unicodel cloud service, hereby you agree that NGFO Technologies is not responsible or liable in such manner to act in accordance with local laws of Your Region except India.