Smart Paratransit Dispatching Software(NEMT)

UnicoTaxi's Paratransit Dispatching and Scheduling Software includes everything that small paratransit providers need to enhance operations. With our NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) software, you can manage clients, book and schedule trips, track fares, and run reports all in one integrated platform.

NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software

Every day, NEMT providers perform incredibly important work. NEMT businesses should not only dispatch and bill for the trips they send but also should appropriately arrange and route them. Without the right plan, the entire procedure might easily become daunting. However, having the right NEMT software boosts efficiency and reduces costs while optimizing your entire operation.

With features like auto-scheduling, GPS tracking, and optimized routing plans, you can manage and improve your NEMT business easily. Take full advantage of automation through the integration of advanced algorithms to seamlessly manage and control all NEMT business processes. With smartphone apps, you can take complete control of your business while remaining continuously connected.


Complete Automation

UnicoTaxi's Paratransit Software is specially built to meet the transportation needs of disabled people, with an automated and systemized scheduling facility.

Real-Time Reporting

As ride safety and real-time data are vital in medical transportation, Unico Taxi software includes features for generating accurate reports and statistics as needed.

E-Payment & Invoice

Our paratransit booking software allows you to track payment sources and retrieve revenue data. Payment failure and success responses can also be tracked.

Instant Notifications

Users are instantly notified about their upcoming trips, online booking details, etc., and drivers are also updated about their schedules, trip cancellations, and much more.

24/7 Customer Support

Our NEMT Software lets you respond to user queries and requests in real-time with 24/7 support, thereby increasing customer satisfaction while lowering cancellation rates.


The NEMT dispatch software, when combined with Google mapping, maximizes dispatcher efficiency through auto updates and real-time operations management.

Manage Your NEMT Business With Our NEMT Fleet Management Software

When you own a NEMT business, you must ensure that your fleet is in good condition and ready to go every day. Even minor vehicle issues may quickly turn into major issues for your business if not addressed quickly. UncoTaxi's NEMT Fleet Management Software safeguards all vehicle information for easy access, such as insurance policies and registration. Moreover, automatic alerts notify you when it's time to replace your oil or renew your registration.

With our NEMT Fleet Management System, drivers can also submit pre and post-trip checklists to remain on top of vehicle health. If there is a problem, your team will get notified instantly.

Let us show you how UnicoTaxi can help you simplify your operations and save money. If you feel UnicoTaxi's Paratransit Dispatching Software is the right fit for your NEMT business, then it's time to enjoy all the benefits we offer to you.


More Convenient

Our paratransit dispatch system is both cost-effective and convenient and it meets the mobility needs of the differently abled.

GPS Navigation

Our NEMT Software tracks the location of vehicles using GPS to provide safe and enjoyable transportation for the differently abled.

Maximum Efficiency

No matter how many trips you have per day, our Paratransit Dispatching Software will help you fulfill them as efficiently as possible.