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Our 'Uber for X' is an app-based business model where service providers and service seekers meet in one place to give and take services. Customers post their needs, and service providers contact them, providing them with a quote, a time frame, and other necessary information to get started. Developing an on-demand app from scratch may be a time-consuming and complex process. However, our on-demand app developers will build a “Custom Ready To Go Solution” for your Uber for X Clone, saving you time and money.

UBER For X Clone App Features

Easy On-Boarding

Users can easily log in with details like their name and email address, or they can even opt for social media integrations for quick login.

Order History

Customers can maintain all of their order histories. They can also manage their previous orders, including invoices, product details, etc.

Discover Products

Customers can browse a diverse range of products and use filters to narrow down their search by category, size, price, gender, and brand.

My Earnings

The delivery driver can track his total earnings using "My Earnings." He can view all of his earnings histories by delivery, date, and time.

Make Orders

Users can add as many items as per their need, then order them with a few taps on their mobile device, making the order process easy.

Manage All Orders

The admin can manage all service orders- newly received, delivered, canceled, or on hold from the app any time, anywhere.

Accept Delivery Requests

The delivery driver will receive a notification in the app for a new order, which he can approve or deny according to his schedule.

Review and Rating

Users can provide star ratings, reviews, and feedback in the application to help businesses improve their service and efficiency.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Users of the app can make payments either with cash or use multiple payment gateways to pay the required amount securely.

Schedule in Advance

Users of this Uber for Delivery Clone Application can schedule their orders in advance based on their availability and convenience.

How Does it Work?

Uber for Delivery is a three-way marketplace that integrates stores, customers, and delivery drivers. On the app, multiple stores list their brand and menu. Customers search for stores in their area and place their orders. The order is picked up from the store by the delivery boy and delivered to the customer's door. We NGFOT ensure that our product is built for a purpose while keeping user convenience in mind. Before you start developing an on-demand delivery app, you should first learn how the Uber for delivery app works.

Here is a sneak preview of our package

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Passenger APP IOS

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Passenger APP Android

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Passenger Web APP

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Driver APP IOS

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Driver APP Android

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Driver Web APP

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Super Admin Panel

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Dispatcher Panel


Yes, of course, you can change the Uber for Delivery App source code to meet changing business needs or market trends.

Our Uber for Delivery App has been thoroughly tested and has undergone numerous rounds of feature enhancement over the years. This clone script is regularly updated to provide the best experience for business owners and their customers.

Unquestionably! With the most recent updates, we can help you grow your business.

We keep flexible chat options and telephonic conversation options available for you to fix bugs as quickly as possible.

We have an Uber-like app development team that has already developed a wide variety of apps with various features, functionalities, and specifications. When you work with us on your Uber for Delivery or X concept, you'll be in good hands.

Yes, of course. From your innovative app concept to the deployment of your Uber for Delivery App on Android, iOS, and web platforms, we will handle everything from start to finish.

Our NGFOT experts will work with you to create a simple yet reliable app that is easy to use. Our product is highly customizable to meet all of your requirements. If needed, we can create an eye-catching app to suit your business needs.

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